About Shedhorn Sports
Our Mission
Assist customers enjoy the outdoors by offering high-quality products at competitive prices to ensure preparedness for your next trek. No matter what your next adventure includes, Shedhorn has everything you will need stocked in our non-warehouse environment.

Our Store
Shedhorn is a sporting goods retailer specializing in products for the outdoors. Similar to other outdoor retailers, our store offers hunting, fishing, archery, adventure clothing. However, we set ourselves apart from the competition with our experienced staff and 32 years of servicing clients in Montana.

As our customer base expanded we identified the necessity of offering our products online through an enhanced website to those who aren't able to travel to Ennis. This allows us to bring our store to your city and home through the convenience of the Internet and 24x7 secure shopping.

Our Location
Our store is located in the heart of downtown Ennis, Montana. With a scenic view of the Rockies we are just 50 miles from Bozeman, 80 miles from Butte, and 70 miles from the west entrance to Yellowstone Park. Shedhorn is situated on the Madison River, one of Montana's blue ribbon trout rivers, and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness.

Our GPS coordinates N 45° 20.941 W 111° 43.786.

Our History
Shedhorn began in 1979 as a small department within the Gambles Hardware store while the owner was operating an outfitting business offering high-country summer and fall horseback pack trips. At the time, southwest Montana didn't have a sporting goods store available to cater to their clients so a niche was identified.

Over the next four years, Shedhorn's reputation for quality products, competitive prices, and knowledgeable staff permitted us to grow including purchasing the building and expanding product offerings. Additionally, attending gun show events allowed us to meet customers and showcase a range of products throughout the state, as well as learn what products outdoorsmen are seeking.

The firearm department initially offered 25 firearms, which have evolved to over 1,200 firearms in stock today. Shedhorn offers buy, sell, and trade opportunities for firearm purchases allowing sportsman to upgrade to the newest offerings or a different caliber as their "targets" change.